Is Trade Rush A Scam?

People that visit this site want to know.


Trade Rush - What Is It?

Trade Rush is binary options broker. If you are not sure what a binary option is scroll down. Trade Rush, based in Cyprus, was one of the first binary options brokers offering trading to customers online. Trade Rush is NOT a scam. Making money with binary options is real and its possible. All trading whether its stock or options or binary options has a degree of skill and difficulty. However, making money is certainly possible.
Trade Rush Is Awesome
I have tried a few brokers online, I still have my account open at Trade Rush because I like the service.
Bill P
I traded here a few years, but I am not an everyday trader. I trade once or twice a week - mostly Forex.
Jennifer T
The truth is when you trade and win it can get addicting. There is nothing like putting down $100 bucks and getting $176 bucks back within 1 hour and all I do is click buttons.
I have traded at Trade Rush for a little over 8 months. I do not always win, but that is because of my trades and nothing do to with Trade Rush. When I do win and I get paid.